Scottoiler xSystem Electronic Chain Oiler Lubrication System SO-8005


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Scottoiler xSystem



The newly developed Scottoiler xSystem takes over the otherwise cumbersome care of the motorcycle chain fully automatically.

Because poorly lubricated chain links move only stiff, the fuel consumption increases and the chain wears out.

Thanks to its compact design, the new lubrication system is in the middle price segment.

The activation takes place via a movement sensor.

The flow rate of the oil can be adjusted at the push of a button directly on the chain oiler.


Product specifications

Dimensions: 150 mm long x 46 mm wide x 45 mm deep

Lubricant: Scottoil standard blue / high temp. Red

Volume: 60 ml

Flow rates: 5 flow rates – for all environmental influences

Range: up to 2900 km

Connection: directly to the battery

Application: -10 ° C to + 50 ° C

Activation: triaxial accelerometer

product content Included in the xSystem chain lubrication system is

the xSystem unit

the new dispenser unit for even easier assembly

a 250ml bottle of Scottoil, enough to fill the reservoir four times

delivery line

attachments and operating and installation instructions.


The xSystem unit can be mounted in different places on the bike, for example on the frame or under the seat, depending on the motorcycle model and personal preference.

Easy handling Thanks to the digital triaxial accelerometer, the xSystem knows exactly when the motorcycle is moving and when it is not.

This allowed automatic start-stop control and lubrication only while driving.

After a drive, the xSystem automatically switches to sleep mode to protect the battery.

As soon as the bike is started again, the xSystem wakes up and is ready to take over the chain care again.

The xSystem offers five flow rates for all weather conditions and environmental conditions; the flow rate can be conveniently set on the unit.

Simple cultivation The xSystem includes for the first time our newly developed dispenser unit as standard in the product range. With the xSystem we give the user full control over where and how the dispenser unit is mounted. The new dispenser unit uses high quality 3M adhesive to attach the unit to all surfaces, ensuring easy and effective installation. The new and specially designed design makes the dispenser unit compatible with all types of wheel swing, left or right running chains and even single-arm swinging, allowing reliable and discrete installation on all motorcycle models. As a market leader, Scottoiler has more than 30 years of experience.