Motorcycle Universal Throttle Cable Kit 1.35m Long 6mm outer with Teflon liner


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Universal throttle cable kitThe Conduit is steel covered with black PVC and the inner is Teflonand the wire is galvanized. One end of the inner wire is fitted with a carb nipple.The opposite end will need to be cut to length and the required nipple soldered.The ferrules and adjusters are a tight fit. You will need a basic soldering kit and basic soldering skills to solder the nipple into place.Universal Throttle Cable Kit Includes:1.35 meters (4.4 feet/4 feet 4.8 inches/52.8 inches) of 6mmOD black PVC coated, spiral wound, Teflon lined outer conduit1.6 meters (5.2 feet/5 feet 3 inches/63 inches) of 1.5mm ODgalvanized steel wire (7 x 7 strand)2 ferrules, 5mm OD nose2 ferrules, 6.5mm OD nose1 6mm x 1.00 x 32mm mid-adjuster1 6mm x 1.00 x 32mm adjuster screw with nut2 neoprene adjuster boots1 brass carburettor nipple, 3mm DIA x 3mm (1.9mm bore)1 brass barrel nipple, 5mm DIA x 7.5mm (1.9mm bore)1 brass barrel nipple, 5.75mm DIA x 5.5mm (1.4mm bore)1 brass barrel nipple, 6mm DIA x 4.2mm (1.7mm bore)1 brass barrel nipple, 6mm DIA x 8mm (2.1mm bore)1 brass barrel nipple, 6mm DIA x 10mm (2.1mm bore)Made in the USA