Motorcycle expandable large tank bag SHAD 24-40 litre mounting kit included

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Shad Large Tank Bag SB35The Shad SB35 expandable tank bag incorporates a 24-40l capacity enough for a full face helmet with a practical design.

The tank bag features cushioned inner pockets, transparent map or GPS compartment and a main expandable compartment for spacious, secure storage.

Mounted through the included universal tank base, making the tank bag is compatible with all motorbikes.


Capacity: 24-40l

Zipped main compartment for secure, spacious storage

GPS compartment

Handlebar straps and suctions cups for a secure fitting

Resistant pullers suitable for use with gloves

Shoulder straps for better mobility

Universal motorbike fixtures included

Rain cover included


Size: 30 x 22 x 37 cm

Fabric: Polyester