Motobatt AGM Battery MBT6N6 6v 6AH 6N6

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  • Capacity: 2.5 [Ah]
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 56 x 97 x 111 [mm]
  • Mass: 1.05kg
  • Total Height: 111 [mm]

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Motobatt AGM Battery MBT6N6 6v 6AH 6N6 The MotoBatt QuadFlex™ battery range is currently the only range available to include 4-post motorcycle batteries.Most QuadFlex™ batteries have 4 terminals (2+ and 2-) and when necessary include spacers and height adjusters allowing fitments to several different models, replacing numerous conventional style batteries.Our MotoBatt QuadFlex™ batteries come with a 12-month warranty.Modal Name: MBT6N6Battery


Fits to:

HONDA XL350 (1974-1978)

HONDA MT250 Elsinore (1974-1976)

HONDA XL250 (1972-1976)

HONDA XL175 (1973-1978)

HONDA CB125S (1973-1980)

HONDA CB125S (1981-1982)

HONDA MT125 Elsinore (1974-1976)

HONDA SL125 Motosport (1971-1973)

HONDA CB100 Super Sport (1970-1972)

HONDA CL100, S Scrambler (1970-1973)

HONDA SL100 Motosport (1970-1973)

HONDA XL100 (1974-1976)

HONDA (C200 Touring 90) (1963-1966)

HONDA CM91 Honda 90 (C90M) (1966-1969)

HONDA S90 Super (CS90) (1964-1969)

KAWASAKI KE250-B (1977-1979)

KAWASAKI KL250 (1978-1984)

KAWASAKI KE175-B (1976-1978)

KAWASAKI KE125-A (1976-1983)

KAWASAKI KS125 Series (1974-1975)

KAWASAKI KE100-A (1979-1981)

KAWASAKI KE100-B (1982-2001)

KAWASAKI KM100-A (1979-1981)

YAMAHA XT500 (1976-1981)

YAMAHA DT400 Enduro (1977-1978)

YAMAHA DT250 Enduro (1977-1979)

YAMAHA XT250 (1980-1983)

YAMAHA DT175 Enduro (1978-1981)

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