Honda XR 600 R 1985-2000 Motorcycle Hiflo Foam Air Filter HFF1015


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Hiflo, Filtro Air Filter HFF1015, Race-tested filter made of two layers of foam!

The two layers of foam are open-pored and permanently bonded together to ensure maximum filtration and the best airflow.

The outer and coarser layer keeps larger dirt particles away while the inner and finer layer keeps the fine dust away.

– reusable

– easy to, clean

– more, airflow

– maximizes engine performance

– reduces, clogging of the filter


Honda Motorcycle, CRM250 1989-1993

XR250 Baja, (Air Filter – Foam Only)

XR250, L 1991-1999, XR250, RG,RH (Air Filter – Foam Only)

ME06 1986-1987, XR250, RJ,RK (Air Filter – Foam Only)

ME06 1988-1989, XR250, R-L,M,N,P,R,S,T,V,W,X,Y,1,2,3,4 (Air Filter – Foam Only) 1990-2004

XR250, Super (Air Filter – Foam Only) 1997-2004

XR350, RD,RE,RF (Air Filter – Foam Only) 1983-1985

XR400, R-V,W,X,Y,1,2,3,4 (Air Filter – Foam Only)

NE03 1996-2004, XR440, R/SM-V,W,X,Y,1,2,3,4 (Air Filter – Foam Only) 1996-2004

XR600, RF,RG,RH (Air Filter – Foam Only)PE04 1985-1987

XR600, RJ,RK,RL,RM,RN,RP (Air Filter – Foam Only)PE04 1985-1990

XR600, RR,RS,RT,RV,RW,RX,RY,R-1,R-2 (Air Filter – Foam Only) 1994-2002

XR650 L, (Air Filter – Foam Only) 1993-2017