Honda blackbird frame plugs


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Honda blackbird frame plugs

These Locking hole plugs are designed to positively snap into unused holes in chassis and panels. Providing a very pleasing appearance once fitted.

Please Note: We advise measuring before ordering as sizes do vary depending on many factors including Model/Year/Country of origin Etc.

These are the closest plug sizes that are manufactured, with slight variations in frame sizes plugs may require modifying to fit to bike securely. Some buyers have used silicone or glue to ensure security of plugs. Very occasionally some buyers are only able to use 4 out of 5 of the plugs but this is still a great improvement on the look of the bike. As we are not willing to risk our 100% feedback.

Please do not purchase item if you are not willing to modify slightly if necessary.

We have had lots of great feedback from these items as you will see. Selling these kits for over 5 years.

Quantity x 5 Sizes: 2x45mm 1x38mm 1x35mm 1x32mm

One of Ebay listings for these has sold over 900 with great feedback.