DID Hollow Rivet Soft Link For Motorcycle Chain Gold 525ZVMX G&G525ZVMX


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DID is an OEM of many Japanese and European brands. Leading racing teams in the Road and off-road sports rely on the technology of DID.


As the successor to the proven high performance chain ZVM2 ZVM-X has been specially designed for the various loads encountered in everyday life.

In this case, the tensile strength indicates only the fracture load of a chain determined statically in the laboratory,but not the resistance to the forces occurring in practice.

For this reason the ZVM-X focused primarily on strength in use, an increased tensile strength and-lower weight compared to ZVM2 very high wear resistance an up to 50% reduced friction losses due to patented X-ring technology.

Gold-colored outer laces, gold-colored inner lids (G G = gold and gold).