Brühl MD1900+ Single Turbine Motorcycle Dryer + Add Heat Motorcycles Cars

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• Model: MD1900+
• Single Turbine, with assisted heat
• Voltage: AC 220-240V, 50HZ
• Protective RCD – for external use
• Rugged industrial design
• Extra long Hi-Vis power lead
• Turbine Power: 1600W
• Heat Function 500W (total power of 2100W when operating with assisted heat)
• Hose Length When Extended: 3.5 Metres
• Hose Length When Retracted: 1.5 Metres

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Bruhl motorcycle dryer

Your motorcycle is your baby. You take great care, time, and effort keeping it clean and looking beautiful. The biggest challenge is preventing those annoying water spots from appearing.

Take care of water spots with a turbine dryer.

This dryer removes any remaining water on your motorcycle via high heat and a powerful blower. The single turbine engine produces 1600W of power. The pointed nose on the end of hose directs air flow into all the crevices meaning you’ll blast out and clear all stray droplets leaving a smooth, clean finish.

To make working around your motorcycle easier, the hose extends to a generous 3 meters. You can retract the hose down to 1.5 meters for compact storage.


  • Voltage: AC 220-240V, 50HZ


  • Turbine Power: 1600W


  • Heat Function 500W


  • Hose Length When Retracted: 1.5 Meters


  • Hose Length When Extended: 3.5 Meters


Will help eliminate water spotting and corrosion associated with natural drying on your motorcycle with the Bruhl motorcycle dryer.