BMW F 650 Speedo Cable 1993 – 1999 Speedometer cable OEM replacement



BMW F 650 650 1993 – 1999

BMW F 650 650 ST 1997 – 1999

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Our trains and shafts are predominantly made in Europe

Smooth running is enhanced by special oils, greases or coatings. For the trains is usually a high-quality silicone oil used to reduce the hand forces. This oil lubricates permanently and does not dry out. The waves slide in a long-lasting calcium grease.


To increase our ability to deliver and lower your inventory,

we have a merger for speedometer and tachometer shafts

certain lengths in increments of max. 4.5 cm performed. The

means that some waves are up to 4.5 cm longer than the original wave.

Your advantage: With just a few waves you cover the entire program.