Motorcycle Bluetooth Smartphone Battery Monitor 6v 12v 24v


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Monitor your Vehicle's battery via bluetooth with the Battery Guard monitor.  Free app available for iphone and Android smartphones.  Works on 6,12 and 24v batteries.

With Battery-Guard and the free Apple or Android app, you are now able to check the charge status of your battery quickly and easily, because only in a steady, positive battery state of charge, the full capacity and usability is ensured.  

The positive battery charge condition also prevents possible early damage or a failure of the battery.  

After the easy installation to the battery by ring eyelets and after downloading of the Android or Apple app, the current voltage value can be retrieved.  

The transmitter is suitable for 6v, 12v and 24v batteries. The range is about 6 meters.  

 In addition, the voltage value is represented alphanumerically. When dropping below the minimum voltage a reference will be made to recharge the battery as soon as possible.

By using the app, the voltage of up to 5 batteries can be monitored, obviously a Battery-Guard has to be installed at each battery

  • Up to 5 vehicles can be monitored
  • Monitoring of 6, 12 and 24 volts possible
  • Easy installation by ring eyelets to the battery
  • Power consumption is only about 2 mW
  • No damage to the transmitter or the battery if polarity is reversed
  • Free Download of the App in the App Store or the Google Play Store