Scottoiler vSystem KTM Edition Automatic Motorcycle Chain Oiler


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The chain lubrication system from Scottoiler, which has been tried and tested over 25 years, is now available as a special version for KTM models. The KTM kit is only connected to the vacuum of the machine. This eliminates the need for separate switching on or off. The system only works while the engine is running.


Increase performance with the Scottoiler. The new vacuum-controlled Scottoiler exclusively for KTM LC8, KTM RC8 and all KTM's with 690LC4 engines. The Scottoiler offers an ideal way to get performance and power of the drive. The friction within the chain drive is drastically reduced, thus the wear and the power loss are greatly minimized. So you get the maximum performance of your KTM and spare yourself unnecessary effort by chain cleaning and care.


The kit is specially designed for the KTM model series to make the cultivation particularly simple. Special attachments have been developed which fit exactly to the KTM models. In addition, an illustrated mounting instruction is included, which allows a simple and fast cultivation. The product design has been refined in such a way that the kit of the optics and color palette of KTM exactly adapts itself. Scottoiler creates a new way of adapting a perfect product technically and visually.