Motorcycle Rubber Cable Gaiter Cover x 2


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  • 110mm long
  • For use with most cable based control systems
  • Easy to install – no instructions required
  • Condition: Brand New & Unused
  • Package Includes: 2 x Rubber Gaiters

A universal brake rubber brake cable gaiter/boot/cover for bare cables.  Suitable for cars, karts, motorcycles.  From classic bikes to super bikes, off road pit bikes, dirt bikes and quads, scooters and many more! An easy replacement rubber brake cable gaiter for most cable based control systems!

This rubber boot is ideal for protecting bare cables in brake, throttle, choke and clutch cable systems.  Anywhere where you’ve got an exposed cable is worth protecting!  Once dirt and grime get inside your cable housing, it will start to degrade its protective nylon linings.  This can eventually lead to the wear of the cable itself! So, keep yourself safe and protect your cables from the outset to ensure a long life and maximum durability of your cable control systems!

The number one cause of cable failure is dirt and grime ingress, usually caused by unprotected bare cables. Protect your bike today with this affordable universal brake rubber brake cable gaiter!

A direct replacement for cable gaiters, cable covers and boots. Easy to install and no instructions are required, simply slide over your cable before connection and your done!

If your bike is due an MOT then it’s time to upgrade those degraded old rubbers and make your bike safer and more reliable with this high-quality, universal rubber brake cable gaiter.