Brake bleeding kit


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New into Motorcycle Parts Store, the Oxford Solo Brake Bleeding Kit makes easy work of bleeding your brakes. It's simple design means that it is quick and easy to fit and then once it has been used, it is also extremely quick and easy to clean.

With the on board one way alloy valve, this prevents air being drawn into the brake system and the clear tubing means that you are able to see air bubbles leaving the caliper, whilst you are working on it.

This Brake Bleeder is a must have essential for you to maintain your brakes and make sure that they are always performing at their best! Get yours from MPS today! 

The Oxford Solo Brake Bleeder is a perfect rider accessory...

Specifications include

Easy to use brake bleeding kit

Internal valve will prevent are being drawn back into the system

Easy to clean by simply unscrewing the alloy casing

Clear, simple design


Supplied with piping and associated clips