After being in business for almost 40 years, “Stomp Bikes” have always been one step ahead of the market & 2020 is still no exception to that! With both the 800W AC/DC quads and the 500W “Wired Splatter” bikes receiving a brand new look.

Introducing the brand new colourway’s for the Stomp 2020 range.

These 800w AC/DC electric quads have received a whole new make over for 2020. Complimented with either Neon Green or Neon Yellow Graphics, meaning these quads look at home in the mud or on the trails. Featuring a 3-setting parental speed control and a battery that can give up to an hour of riding time these are the perfect quads to let the little ones tear it up on.

For 2020 Stomp have also gave the 500W Stomp Electric “Wired Splatter” a brand new look. Available in again, either Neon Green or Neon Yellow graphics these bikes are ready to go straight from the box. Fitted with conventional CRF50 front forks allowing these bikes to tackle & handle even the roughest of terrains.

We also have a huge range of Stomp, DemonX & Kayo quads available.