Motobatt 6V & 12V AUTO CUT OFF Trickle Baby Boy Battery Charger


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Motobatt Motorcycle Battery Charger Trickle 6V & 12V Baby Boy with Auto Cut Off

Motobatt Baby Boy 500 mAh compatible with 6 volt and 12 volt batteries.

6 volt 7.4 volt max. & 12 volt 14.7 volt charge rate. 500 mAh output current charge rate.

2 Stage charging.

Bulk Charge Phase will safely charge all lead acid batteries including AGM and Gel Cell batteries.

Shuts off when battery is fully charged. Measures voltage and amperage simultaneously for increased charge speed, charge depth and accuracy.

LED operational status indicator light. Reverse polarity protection. Spark proof.

High impact plastic housing. Includes alligator clamp style and remote connector style leads.